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    Colosses | Fabrice Fouillet | Via

    Statues are often idealized works of art. They are ideological, political or religious representations and attempt to turn their subjects into fascinating, eternal figures. Even when erected to keep alive the memory of a single person, a statue that lasts many generations will eventually establish itself as a symbol for the community. 

    Statues are even more influential when they are monumental. An edifice can be said to be monumental when it is unusual, extraordinary and physically imposing. It has to be abnormal — as exceptional as the political or religious power itself — and also inseparable from its symbolic aspects.

    The series “Colosses” is a study of the landscapes that embrace monumental commemorative statues. 

    SoP | Scale of Environments

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    “Surely the fact that writers really don’t mean a goddamn thing to nine-tenths of the population doesn’t hurt. It’s inebriating.” An expansive new interview with Philip Roth.

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    Portlandia’s fourth season debuts tonight on IFC at 10/9 central, so we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best, strangest, or ironic sketches from our favorite unlikely comic duo. Here are our favorites, from an out of control game of hide and seek, to an all too familiar binge session of Battlestar Galactica, and the near-perfect introduction to the show, “Dream of the ’90s.”

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    365 for 365: The year of buying a record a day. Our David Anthony’s New Years resolution for 2013 was to buy a different record every day. Check out the results.