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    The artist who lays eggs with her vagina – or why performance art is so silly

    Performance artist Milo Moiré creates abstract paintings by pushing eggs filled with paint and ink out of her vaginal canal. She does this while standing naked in front of an audience. The nudity, apparently, is artistically essential. As for the act of pushing paint-filled eggs out of her body, it is – as no doubt you perceive – a powerful feminist statement about women, fertility and creativity. 

    Jonathan Jones.

    (Source: theguardian.com)

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    These books are all perfectly suited for your shortened spring-time attention span, and will leave you plenty of time for sunny adventures.

    50 Incredible Novels Under 200 Pages

    If you’re looking for an easy read this weekend, might we suggest these books courtesy of our friends at Flavorpill?

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    Today we celebrate the legacy of a remarkable author - Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Although he left us too soon, his words remain. So visit your local library today and check out your favorite book - whether it’s 100 Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Cholera or The Autumn of the Patriarch - and love the words of the exceptional Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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    Colosses | Fabrice Fouillet | Via

    Statues are often idealized works of art. They are ideological, political or religious representations and attempt to turn their subjects into fascinating, eternal figures. Even when erected to keep alive the memory of a single person, a statue that lasts many generations will eventually establish itself as a symbol for the community. 

    Statues are even more influential when they are monumental. An edifice can be said to be monumental when it is unusual, extraordinary and physically imposing. It has to be abnormal — as exceptional as the political or religious power itself — and also inseparable from its symbolic aspects.

    The series “Colosses” is a study of the landscapes that embrace monumental commemorative statues. 

    SoP | Scale of Environments

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